SHARE Notes 01/08/17


  • introduce letter “D”
  • make letter “D” with sticks
  • read dinosaur book
  • participate in dino bone excavating
  • dinosaur feet measuring
  • complete “D” paper
  • create dino fossil
  • sing songs


  • discuss Weekly Reader about dinosaurs
  • write “D” on white board
  • read a story about dinosaurs
  • make a shape dinosaur
  • construct “D” letter person
  • participate in dinosaur movement game


  • meet “D” letter person
  • read dinosaur book,
  • make “D” using sticks
  • complete “D” dot page
  • dinosaur paint stamping
  • participate in “Dino Pokey”


  • read a story about dinosaurs
  • discuss letter sounds
  • participate in “Bottle Up, Bottle Down”
  • construct playdough dinosaurs
  • paint a fossil
  • sing songs


  • discuss bag of “D’s”
  • sponge paint a dinosaur
  • cut out a dinosaur egg
  • discuss Weekly Reader about dinosaurs
  • play dinosaur matching game
  • sing songs


Number of the week – 15

Letter of the week –D

Shape of the month – rectangle

Color of the month – blue

Nursery Rhyme – Hey Diddle, Diddle

Sensory- dino bone excavating

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