Looking Ahead

The Newton Fire Dept. will be visiting our preschool next week on September 20 and 21.  The children are going to construct a hand print thank you banner for these brave men and women.  If your family would like to send in a not of thanks, we will make sure to deliver it along with our banner.

the Mariposa trip for MTTH classes during class time, will be on Tuesday September 27.  If you are interested in helping, please inform a teacher. Please remember to send a sack snack/drink marked with your child’s name.  If it is rainy on the day of our Mariposa trip we will have class as usual in our classroom.  Please check our Facebook page for cancellations due to the weather.   We will try to reschedule in the Sprig according the the Jasper County Naturalist that is going to accompany us on the trip.

T-shirt orders are due Sept. 16th.

School Pictures will be held on Sept 28th and 29th.  Order forms will be sent out next week.  Please send the completed form along with your payment on your scheduled picture day.

Numbers of the week: 1,2

Color of the month: Red

Shape of the month: Circle

Writing Center: Name Puzzles

Sensory table: family pictures/beans

Dramatic Play: light up mirror

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